The first one!

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My blog is available for free. If you like it, please help me make it better and buy my books. You can also donate to my Paypal account: greg.h.guzik[at]

I am a full-time writer and I would greatly appreciate your support.

While preparing to publish my first book, I decided to start a blog site. Why? To be able to communicate to my readers without the fictitious ensemble of literature. This will be blunt, direct and definitely not politically correct.

Mostly I want to make this site about my way to becoming a skilled writer. Not only about the how, but also about the why.

I am not saying that there will be no bigger issues here. After all, we are all influenced by big games, big politics, and big money, but I will try to focus on the most humane aspects of all of those. See what they really mean to people around me and around you. To all of you out there: Hello, thanks for reading.

PS. As I said there will be nothing about books (or at least my books) here, so for that go to my facebook page.


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