A.J. Chaudhury: Bio and Introduction

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Hello folks!

Thanks to G. H. Guzik for inviting me to his blog! I am A. J. Chaudhury, an eighteen-year-old fantasy author hailing from Assam, India.

August 2015 saw the publication of my debut novel, an adventure epic fantasy “The Staff”, which is the first book in the Belaria series. Book 1.5, “The Felis Catus” followed in September and the second book “The Man Rat” is coming soon too.

Short Bio: I started creating stories right from the moment I learnt the alphabet. I still remember the first story I wrote. I was a dinosaur maniac when I was four, five years old and the first story obviously had a dinosaur protagonist. You may cringe at the idea of romantic dinosaurs, but it was a love story where the hero had somehow survived to the present age, so many years after his kind perished.

Plagiarized versions of TV shows I liked followed and at a point I started making my own fictional characters. Uncle Placenbroke (detective stories), Alexander Rabel (thrillers) and Caniole (Placenbroke’s sidekick) were good friends from my childhood (whom I had created myself). My father encouraged me to keep writing and even though he passed away when I was in the eight standard, his memory will always keep inspiring me to write.
So it happened that I eventually began writing a fantasy story, inspired by LOTR and Harry Potter. It was called “Who is the King?” It was a very primitive version of the story of my now published novel “The Staff” and featured a king and a knight as the main protagonists, instead of Charlz.

After four years, countless revisions, thousands of articles read on the craft of writing and getting critiques from online writing communities, I published it this August. If you are interested in my books, then one thing you should know is that “The Felis Catus” is way better than “The Staff” and “The Man Rat” will be far better than “The Felis Catus”. I hope to keep up that trend as I keep writing and publishing.

It has been a wonderful ride and I plan to never stop writing.
The Belaria Series: The Belaria series revolves around the life of Charlz Bezon. It takes place in a totally unique world which is far from the likes of our own (yes, it is a flat world). The other world was created by an African wizard, Tobalku, thousands of years ago through Dream magic. Each of the main books deals with a facet of Charlz’s life. As the series progresses, Charlz will grow old, his wants and aims will change, and he may or may not die in the final book.

Synopsis of “The Staff”: Fifteen-year-old Charlz resides in the village of Tempstow in central Belaria with his Aunt, Eliza Sadinton, and her son, Thamus. In the north of Belaria over which the Tropagian forest is spread, many a creature of the dark lurks behind the cover of trees. There, a vile plot is being concocted by those who call themselves the rulers of the forest. Charlz is oblivious to the dangers looming over him and his family and even a warning from the weird Future Stocker folks make little meaning to him. Soon, Charlz’s world is going to be turned upside down as he and his family get sucked into the sinister plot.

Synopsis of “The Felis Catus”: Benglam Singsit moves to Jorhat, Assam, planning to reside there for the year. He dislikes the children of the man at whose home he has taken a room on rent, who always are messing with his cat. Soon, Benglam’s pet and companion of twenty years goes missing. Are the children really responsible? Or is something else at work?

Visit me at my blog http://ajchaudhury.wordpress.com/
My Goodreads page is https://www.goodreads.com/AJChaudhury


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