“Publish or Perish” – an ominous title for a fun game.

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This month’s guest post is from my friends at Rombo Games, who have just finished their latest release and wish to share their enthusiasm with the world 🙂

The guys from Rombo Games are my school friends (well, some of them) and this post, courteous not commercial, is to help them raise money for their project on Kickstarter. Help them if you can 🙂

These guys love making games and it shows 🙂

Rombo Games’ mission over the past few months has been to create an augmented reality board game to teach kids the scientific method and basics of particle physics. Sounds difficult but we made it! Kids love to play “Publish or Perish”!

You can see it with your own eyes here 🙂

Your role as a player is to be a scientist and deduct the properties of real particles and then publish them. The game mechanic is cooperative or competitive, depending on how you want to play, in both cases you are racing the clock and feeling the pressure of “Publish or Perish”.

Publish or Perish stands out from the rest because of it’s educational value and original use of technology. Thanks to the Augmented Reality your mobile phone will be transformed into a Particle Collider!

We’ve already launched our Kickstarter campaign and got very enthusiastic feedback during Essen Spiele – the biggest game convention in Europe. During the convention, we were surprised to learn that the game didn’t only attract kids, but full-time scientists too. They claimed it looked like a fantastic drinking game for their community.
In the press pack, you may find the pictures and detailed description of the project!

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