PIGSODUS – a game to remember

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At first all there was, was an encounter on a motorway. A concerned YouTuber made a dramatic video of a desperate pig fighting to get off a butcher’s van.  The CEO of Psylocibe Games, Piotr Lipert saw this video and was impressed by the hog’s enormous will to survive. It is difficult to presume this particular hog knew what was awaiting at the end of the journey, it is even harder to believe the swine’s efforts to escape were thought through and planned. But this is what Psylocibe Games chose to believe and so Horace Oinkstein, the protagonist of PIGSODUS came to life.

People at Psylocibe Games are all gamers as well as professionals. They believe an indie game can be just as well written and as playable as any of its great studios’ counterparts. We all played the greatest titles of RPG and adventure history: The Baldur’s Gate Saga, Planescape Torment, Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion and Broken Sword series. PIGSODUS is the debut project of a studio which humbly admits it will be difficult to match those giants, but is ambitious to deliver. Piotr Lipert boldly states his people all have both the motivation and the skills needed to make a memorable game and he can guarantee you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

When Piotr contacted me, I thought the game was already in the making and all he needed me for were some dialogue lines and a piece of copy every now and then, but later it turned out the whole story was only a shapeless blob ready to be moulded. Thus, the whole PIGSODUS reality  was created, starting with the back story of Horace himself, through all his family, complete with pig customs, traditions and bedtime stories, up to all the NPCs amongst which you’ll find such amazing personas as Theodore Cleaver (the farm owner), Eggdar Chow (the chicken, Horace’s BFF), Mad Dog Barker (dogs’ special forces veteran and local vigilante) and Pussy Charming (yes, she’s a cat).

The story of PIGSODUS is designed to be as non-linear as possible with multiple ways to cope with a problem at hand. We try to make most of the obstacles manageable in more ways than one. If you face a guarded entrance you can probably fight your way through, find a different way in (usually by solving a mind-breaking puzzle) or talk/sneak/trick your way in by interacting with the guards using your special abilities.

The levelling system of our hog hero is interesting as well. There are three main branches of growth: physique, spirit and wits. The first is responsible for our main character’s strength, agility, speed and physical charm. Spiritual growth is responsible for Horace’s willpower, resolve, magic resistance and magical prowess. Finally, wits are responsible for his science and technology skills, puzzle solving abilities and dialogue options.

Apart from the innate characteristics our protagonist will be able to eat or drink pills, potions and various foods to take effect in his “stomach slots” as well as carry several pieces of equipment in his inventory (don’t even ask what The Great-Flaming-Grand-Sword-of-Doom Toothpick does).

The guys from Psylocibe Games managed to bring to life a world mirroring our own, in which people are only one of the species with an agenda. A world where mysticism and willpower go hand in hand with technical prowess and where magical potions are just as common as chemical drugs: a real-world wonderland.

PIGSODUS deals with many difficult subjects in a story dripping with dark humour. Throughout the game, the player will face dilemmas with no obvious answers, questioning morality, social structure and environmental issues. Some matters are too important to be laughed at and need to be shown in full detail.  Thus, the game contains graphic violence and some explicit language (ok, nearly all the language in PIGSODUS is explicit).

Besides, we wanted to make the game as fun as possible and there’s nothing more fun than sex and violence with a dirty commentary 🙂

You can check out PIGSODUS homepage here and join our FB community here. Have fun !!!


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