If you need any help with your text – starting with simple spell check, through editing, proofreading or story consultation to full-time creative writing one-on-one training,

if you need an unbiased review of your literary work,

if you want guidance in regard to your social media presence and image,

if you wish to consult me in regard to any other areas of my expertise, especially corporate management or communication,

or if you just want to meet me and say hello

contact me by e-mail: greg.h.guzik[at]

for a free, individual evaluation of your problem. I will tell you whether I can help you and how much it might cost.

PS. If you like covers and artwork of my books and want some designed individually for you – e-mail me. I will relay your request to my illustrator.

PPS. She is also proficient in brand design and website layouts.

My blog is available for free. If you like it, please help me make it better and buy my books. You can also donate to my Paypal account: greg.h.guzik[at]

I am a full-time writer and I would greatly appreciate your support.


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